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71 Independence Day Anniversary

The Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in Israel celebrated the 71st anniversary of Independence on the 04th of February 2019 at the Chancery premises with the participation of a cross section of the Sri Lankan community living in Israel, the Embassy officials and their families and Israeli well-wishers.

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Deepavali celebrations at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Tel Aviv

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Israel celebrated “Deepavali”, the Festival of Lights, for the fourth consecutive year, at a colourful ceremony at the Embassy premises on Saturday, 03 November 2018.

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New Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Israel presents credentials

Following the official ceremony, Ambassador Selvaraj presented credentials to President Reuven Rivlin. After the presentation of credentials, the President warmly welcomed Ambassador Selvaraj and wished him every success in his new assignment as Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Israel. Ambassador Selvaraj, in his remarks, conveyed the warm greetings and best wishes of H.E. Maithripala Sirisena, President of Sri Lanka which was warmly reciprocated. President Rivlin said the existing bilateral relations between Israel and Sri Lanka are excellent and expressed the confidence that the relations would be further deepened and strengthened during the tenure of the Ambassador.

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Compassionate justice for peace, prosperity and development

Justice is a concept of moral righteousness based on ethics, nationality, law, natural law, religion , equality along with the punishment of the breach of the commitment. The most important part in this definition is the punishment and the mode of punishment. Different societies and religions have defined and given guidelines for mode of punishment and reparation for justice.

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World Consumer Day – 15th March 2014

"World Consumer Day" first observed on 15th March 1983. Two year later on 9th April 1985 United Nations General Assembly adopted the UN guide lines for Consumer protection, following a decade of hard lobbying and hard work of consumer organizations worldwide.

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"Water" - lifeline next to "Air"

"We can live many days without food but without water it is about three days". Water is essential to life, but we cannot seem to get the right water to the right people at the right time. Over $9billian per year is wasted as a result of failing or inadequate water and sanitation structure despite of the abundance of water on the globe. More people have access to cell phones than safe water.

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Towards Wonder of Asia with Regional & World Peace

Unity is Strength: Let us Unite as a Nation and a Group of Likeminded Nations in the World (posted on March 21, 2012)

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Regime Change

In the world family the Governments change either democratically or violently. In the past violent changes of governments have taken place more often. Fortunately the current situation in Government changes are comparatively non violent. Change of Governments generally known as “Regime Change”. In the present world order rich and powerful countries maneuver to have control over small countries with natural resources or strategically situated. They want the rulers of other countries of their choice to have a control over. They want the rulers of such countries are of their choice so that it is easy to have a control over the natural resources or long term political strategy. The rulers should be elected by the people with the majority decision in response to fair and democratic elections.

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