Regime Change

By Sarath Wijesinghe

Violent and democratic changes of Governments

In the world family the Governments change either democratically or violently. In the past violent changes of governments have taken place more often. Fortunately the current situation in Government changes are comparatively non violent. Change of Governments generally known as “Regime Change”. In the present world order rich and powerful countries maneuver to have control over small countries with natural resources or strategically situated. They want the rulers of other countries of their choice to have a control over. They want the rulers of such countries are of their choice so that it is easy to have a control over the natural resources or long term political strategy. The rulers should be elected by the people with the majority decision in response to fair and democratic elections.

Control over other Nations and Natural Resources

One of the main reasons to seek control over other nations is natural resources and energy. Energy today is in great demand especially for the developed and industrialized countries. The main consumers of energy in the modern world are not in possession of resources in their respective countries. Obviously they depend on oil and gas rich countries with natural resources. Apart from nuclear power, energy today is still in the form of oil and gas without which the rich countries cannot prosper. There is a long way for full nuclear power or other sources of energy such as solar, wind, from waste and other sources and forms. The best method to have control over the natural resources is to have puppet regimes and to make regime changes accordingly.

Natural Resources

Some countries though rich in natural resources are poor in other ways and means. Nigeria and many African countries are oil rich, full of natural resources such as gold, copper, diamond and gas. All their wealth is being used by rich countries and NGOs when the local population is living in poverty and misery. Iraq has been the cradle of civilization where the history runs back to over 5,000 years. It is oil rich and ruled by Saddam Hussain with his iron fist who had full control over the resources which he maneuvered and manipulated. There were allegations that Iraq is in possession of nuclear armaments and despite the fact that the United Nations found opposite there was a compulsion for a regime change with the change of the leader Saddam Hussain who supposed to be a dictatorial leader backed by the Army. Though no nuclear armaments were found the country now is ruled by a regime elected but unstable and has not blessed with peace, prosperity or development. Country is in shatters, bombs are being exploded, businesses are being wasted and the nation is in flames. The suffering of the people are enormous. Regime changes in the Afghanistan is changing frequently from super power to super power and currently a heaven for Al Qaeda and terrorist activities. Elected governments in Afghanistan is shaky and the people go through the misery despite the new found resources in the country apart from the existing traditional wealth.


Libya is another source of oil for the world controlled previously by Colonel Gadaffi who had a tight grip of the country. Now it is divided and a part is controlled by rebels. The situation is dangerous and disruption is enormous and loss of human lives are immense. It has been an oil rich country run by iron fist of Gadaffi and the powerful countries and NGOs were throughout aiming at Libya due to oil. The situation in the Middle East seeks very uncertain though not as oil rich as other countries in turmoil. Egypt is a country with a proud history with uncertain future. The cyber revolution has initiated the orchestration of anti-establishment process in Tunisia with a regime change prompted by mass rallies catalyzed by invisible forces. These forces are not yet known. But Tunisia could not have initiated this without outside help. This pattern spread to neighbours with the ripple effect and subsequently Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Bahrain and Jordan became partial and full victims. The agitation of the peoples are uncertain. It is not clear whether they need a western form of democracy, regime change, freedom or human rights or any other form of change. But the sad part is there are agitations, killings and destructions which have completely destabilized the countries and the region.

Sri Lanka is most peaceful and stable

Currently Sri Lanka is one of the most peaceful and stable countries in the world family having won over the terror of 30 years movement. For 30 years the nation bled through with a misery of terrorism which the President Mahinda Rajapaksa with his strategy and leadership masterminded eradication of the LTTE with little help from the outside world which considered Sri Lankan issue is an unwinnable , irresolvable complicated issue. With the help of close friends and the security forces famous to be properly trained and professional he saved Sri Lanka from disruption maintaining independence, integrity and sovereignty of the nation. Today the economy, tourism is booming, stock market is on the rise and it is one of the most sought for destinations for tourism and investment. The Foreign Policy of Sri Lanka is Sri Lanka friendly and non-aligned. Unfortunately there are some misunderstandings which have to be eradicated and there are invisible forces, some NGOs and misguided Diaspora backed by network of LTTE Front organizations criticizing and misguiding governments and NGOs obstructing the development and progress of Sri Lanka. The people have given the mandate for President Rajapaksa for the current period and the popularity is day by day on the rise. As long as people of Sri Lanka and friends of Sri Lanka are behind Sri Lanka a regime change is not possible.


In Rwanda millions of civilians were massacred as in Vietnam and Laos. There was no pressure or agitation from the invisible forces from the West or the rich countries because they have no oil or natural resources. The attention always is on countries with natural resources and the regime changes are wanted in such countries. Currently Laos and Vietnam are spending millions to get rid of criminals of carpet bombing and the bombs plated in the territory which has hampered and obstructed their day to day life and development process. It is doubtful who are responsible for these crimes and whether it amounts to crimes against humanity.

Underlined feature and the United Nations

In the circumstances the main underlined feature in need and to maneuver regime changes are changes of rulers and governments of countries with either natural resources or strategic importance. In the circumstances one has to ascertain to what extent the world body the United Nations Organization that emerged in 1945 after the aftermath of World War 11 could manage the affairs. 66 years old organization has not brought in any changes since the inception and the five world powers on the head are no longer world powers though have full control over the other members of the world community. The present exclusive world club jealously guard the territory without obstructing any changes. But the nature is always on the side of the reason and fair play which will result natural reasons for the leading and powerful countries to come to terms with reality and reason. The previous economic downtown in the world gave an indication on the current issues faced by many countries in the West and rich in the main stream of the club are going through difficulties economically or otherwise forcing the world to be fair to everybody in line with the intentions and aspirations of the United Nations. Therefore it is time for the peoples in the world and especially the victims of the current system to agitate for a democracy in the UN and also in the world where the main agitation is the democratization of the countries and to make ideals of human rights a reality. Democratization process is also one of the main demands in the third generation of the democratic ideals. Therefore regime changes are to be affected democratically, freely and with the wish and the will of the peoples of the respective nations with no influence from outside and invisible forces. The good news is that we are day by day reaching to be a free, fair and a peaceful world which respects equality, sovereignty and human rights.

Sri Lanka has been extremely lucky

Sri Lanka fortunately has been extremely lucky to have embraced democracy from time immemorial. This practice helped us to carry on the democratic ideals even after decolonization. Powerful powers backed by powerful non-governmental and international organizations used their influence to appoint rulers of their choice using various direct and indirect methods. World and powerful powers next to small nations will want to have their power over their orbits. They will not like independent leaders acting independently for the benefit of the peoples in the territory. Always there is a conflict between interests of the country and the interest of the foreign and invisible powers seeking control for obvious reasons.

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Regime Change

In the world family the Governments change either democratically or violently. In the past violent changes of governments have taken place more often.

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