Sri Lanka signs a bilateral agreement with Israel to streamline the recruitment of Sri Lankan Caregivers to Israel

Sri Lanka and Israel marking a historical landmark in the bilateral relations between the two countries signed the bilateral agreement on the Temporary Employment of Sri Lankan workers in specific Labour Market Sectors in Israel on 24th February 2020 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel in Jerusalem.

Mr. D.M.S. Abayagunawardana, Secretary of the Ministry of Skills Development, Employment and Labour Relations of Sri Lanka and the Hon. Aryeh Machluf Deri, Minister of the Interior of the State of Israel signed the agreement while an Addendum of the Implementation Protocol to the agreement was signed by Mr. N.P. Thibbotumunuwa, Director of the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau (SLBFE) and Prof. Mor Yosef, Director General of the Population and Immigration Border Authority of the State of Israel (PIBA).

The aim of the agreement is to ensure a legal, fair and transparent recruitment process for Sri Lankans to work in Israel as Caregivers. The agreement will require both countries to work together to improve the process of selection, recruitment, placement, arrival and employment of Sri Lankan Caregivers as well as their return to Sri Lanka after the temporary employment and to promote the protection of the labor rights of Sri Lankan Caregivers in Israel.

Through this agreement, more job opportunities will be available for Sri Lankans to work as Caregivers in Israel at a drastically reduced initial cost. Further, it will help to increase the foreign exchange flow into the country strengthening the economy of Sri Lanka.

Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Israel H.E. Waruna Wilpatha, Mr. R.K.K.M.P. Randeniya, Deputy General Manager (Marketing & Recruitment) of the SLBFE, Mr. Mahesh Gunawardana, First Secretary and Mr. Ruwan Wickramasinghe, Second Secretary (Labor & Welfare) of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Israel were also participated at the signing ceremony representing Sri Lanka while Ambassador Gilad Cohen, Deputy Director General, Asia and the Pacific Division, Mrs. Stella Rapp, Deputy Director General of the Consular Affairs Division and Mr. Eyal Siso, Deputy Head of the Consular Affairs Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, Ms. Shirly Raisin – Sasson, Director of Bilateral Agreements of PIBA, Adv. Shri Lev – ran, Ombudswomen for Foreign Workers Labor Rights, Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services of Israel and other senior officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel represented the Israeli side.

Embassy of Sri Lanka
Tel Aviv

25th February 2020

Israel   :   Sri Lanka

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