Consular Fees

Description of Service Fees (US$) Fees (NIS)
Registration of Birth 25.00 100.00
Registration of Birth under Citizenship Act 45.00 180.00
Issuance of certified copy of a Birth Certificate 13.00 52.00
Registration & Issuance of a Death Certificate 13.00 52.00
Issuance of certified copy of Death Certificate 13.00 52.00
Notice of a Marriage 20.00 80.00
Registration & Issuance of a Marriage Certificate 33.00 132.00
Registration of a Marriage under Special Licence 44.00 176.00
Issuance of certified copy of a Marriage Certificate 13.00 52.00
Attestation of documents as a Justice of Peace 50.00 200.00
Affidavit 50.00 200.00
Power of Attorney 50.00 200.00
Issuance of certified True Copy 5.00 200.00
Police Clearance certificate 30.00 120.00
Attestation of set of Export documents (for each) 44.00 176.00
Issuance of all other letters/certificates 33.00 132.00
All Certificates including life certificates furnished by Sri Lankan Pensioners for Pension purpose Free of Charge Free of Charge

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Sri Lanka Citizen Services

The Embassy offers a range of services to Sri Lankans working and living in Israel.The Embassy is fully equipped with the resources and staff to offer the following services.

  • Passports
  • Visa
  • Registration of Birth
  • Registration of Marriages
  • Registration of Deaths
  • Authentication/Attestation of Documents
  • Translation of Documents
  • Consular Fees
  • Downloads - Consular forms

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Political Stability and Peace are one of the main ingredients to attract investors, improve tourism development and prosperity of a Nation.

Compassionate justice for peace, prosperity and development

Justice is a concept of moral righteousness based on ethics, nationality, law, natural law, religion , equality along with the punishment of the breach of the commitment.

Regime Change

In the world family the Governments change either democratically or violently. In the past violent changes of governments have taken place more often.

Towards Wonder of Asia with Regional and World Peace

Sri Lanka is a senior member of the world family maintaining high standards of Human Rights on international standards which is not an alien system to us. Our culture is based on amity, goodwill and loving kindness.

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Sri Lanka Embassy in Israel calls for all Sri Lankans in Israel to get registered with the Embassy by filling in the brief registration form. Registration with the Embassy will prove extremely helpful in the case of an emergency and is also important for a number of other concerns.

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